As a global business and sustainable business, Ross Roof Group is very clear in doing what is right for the New Zealand and the world. We take responsibility for our actions environmentally, socially and ethically. This means running our business in a sustainable way through nurturing people and restoring our natural environment.

Natural Resources

Our superior product is based on the principle of utilising only the best raw materials in the manufacture of our light weight roofing systems, offering a product on the world stage, second to none.


The base steel for Tilcor's roofing tiles originates from the purest ironsand (blacksands) that has come from rock breakdown on the Taranaki coast, some 2.5 million years ago. This ironsand is the key ingredient in the production of high quality steel and is unique in the world steel making. The ironsand is refined to produce one of the purest forms of steel around the world, delivering us superior base components for our tile manufacture.

New Zealand Steel Limited is the countries sole steel producer, operating a fully integrated steel mill at Glenbrook. Using locally sourced ironsand, NZ Steel manufacture a range of flat steel products for the building. The company has also received a tick from Environmental Choice New Zealand!


Natural New Zealand stone granules are the foundation for long term durability and stability for colour retention on all our textured roofs. There are four main stone variants that singularly or combined, offer over 20 natural roof colours. As all base stone granules used are natural, formed over millions of years, they will retain this natural pigment and coloration for centuries to come.

Caring for our environment

Pollutions, climate change and finite natural resources raise alarm globally that our environment need to be sustainable. As a roofing manufacturer, we're always looking for ways to minimise our environmental impact. We take the environmental responsibilities seriously and focus on our operation activities to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in the building industry. We also use the latest technology to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint and deliver environmentally preferable products wherever possible to our customers

Noise Control

Due to our manufacture plants are surrounded by the residential neighbours, we take the noise control seriously. A professional level of noise control process has been carried out in these special design structures. This includes special sound proof material integrated with all the outside doors and walls structure. We manage the noise levels below local Council standards.

Waste Water

Managing waste water is part of our Health and Safety Policy. Our manufacturing plants comply with all relevant local, provincial and government regulations encompassing water discharges and liquid disposal.


Steel is one of the most infinitely recycled materials in the world and is considered a sustainable material by the sustainable building industry. We always believe that our practice of successfully recycling the steel scrap including off-cuts to minimise our impact on the natural environment.

Supporting communities

We've got a long history and our products are proudly made in New Zealand. That is where we come from, and we love to give back and support the community. We support organisations, groups and individuals who are making New Zealand a better place for all of us.

Following the Christchurch earthquakes we offered $250,000 of free metal roof tiles to the people of Christchurch. This offer was made in April 2011 and so far eleven of the applicants have had a free roof lot of metal tiles installed on their homes.