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Imamo mnogo projekata koji su objavljeni putem medija. Pročitajte ih kako biste vidjeli da li vam nekako mogu biti od pomoći.

Today's Metal Tiles are not Decramastic

For the older generation “decramastic tiles” means a scallop-shaped metal tile roof coated with stone chip. Today’s pressed metal tiles use ZINCALUME® as a base with an acrylic coat over laid with natural stone chip with a second coat of acrylic over glaze. In 1989 the largest installers of steel roofing tiles in Auckland engaged an engineer and chemist to develop what was to become Tilcor. Read more from NZMRM Scope Magazine.

Tilcor introduces vent tiles for its metal tile

NZMRM has long been promoting the need to ventilate roof spaces under metal roofs, to avoid moisture problems caused when moisture vapour passing from the house into the roof space cannot escape. Stuart Thomson has discussed this in detail in his recent series of Scope articles. Now Tilcor add a new-to-New Zealand method for ventilating metal tile roofs, which they have used in Europe. Read more from NZMRM Scope Magazine.

Tilcor Shingle Reroof Whangarei house

When a winter storm with 150km/h winds hit a Whangarei home, sections of its asphalt shingle roof were blown off. With only the plywood substrate left to protect the two-storey home, water began making its way through the joins in the plywood and into the home, damaging wall linings and carpet. Read more from NZMRM Scope Magazine.

Powell Lane Home Wins RANZ Installation Award

Taking on a challenging roofing job has come up trumps for roofer Trevor Mason, who has won the RANZ Professionalism in Metal Tile Roof Installation Award 2014. It was a first-time win for Trevor, of Rotorua-based Mason Roofing, in the awards sponsored by Tilcor Roofing Systems. Read more from NZMRM Scope Magazine.

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Unfortunately Doug and Gill Price’s Halswell property was one of the many that had been seriously effected by the September 2010 and February 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, and they had to call upon their Insurance Company to remedy the damage. The list of rectification work included replacement of their heavy weight concrete roof, which was leaking in a number of areas... Read more from NZMRM Scope Magazine.