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tilcor Roofing Systems

Tilcor is manufactured by the Ross Roof Group who has been involved in roofing over 4 generations since 1942. Its stone-coated and satin-finish roof systems incorporate cutting-edge Zincalume protective steel, which gives the tiles a significantly longer service life than typical galvanised tiles. Tilcor products provide a more visually pleasing finish and exceptional long term durability.

The Tilcor range of pressed metal roofing tiles includes eight distinctive profiles –Bond® Classic® Tudor® Shake® Royal® Roman® Antica® and Shingle®. Our Auckland based ISO 9001-accredited factory manufactures products suitable for all climates and environments around the world.

Installed in over 80 countries, the Tilcor Roofing Systems product range offers exceptional strength and durability in the harshest climates. Watertight and fire and earthquake resistant, our pressed steel roofing tiles can withstand hurricane-force winds and are backed by a Tilcor Roofing Systems warranty.

latest news

November 30th
When undertaking a roofing project, you need to ensure you’re using products you can depend on to weather the test of time. A roof is constantly exposed to the elements, so durability and quality are priorities when selecting pressed metal til…
November 30th
With so many tile choices on the market, it’s a big enough decision to select the right tiles - the last thing you want is the added complication of buying tiles that aren’t what they say they are. Unfortunately, there are a lot of tiles on th…
November 21st
When looking at your options for re-roofing your home, you may have heard of the batten system, and have questions around what this is and how it compares with a direct-to-deck roofing method. It’s a worthwhile comparison when needing to choos…

Whether you are a home owner looking for a new roof, an architect, designer, spicificer looking for BIM & CAD content, or a council officer, civil engineer looking for specifications and reports, we have everything you need here.

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