Tilcor's comprehensive 50-year pro-rata weatherproof warranty provides peace of mind for homeowners, design professionals and partners. 


This Warranty shall remain in effect for as long as the original owner(s) continues to live and own the property. In the event that there is more than one original owner, this Warranty will remain in effect for as long as one of the original owners is living and owns an interest in the property to which roofing tiles and/or accessories were installed. The Warranty is transferable by the original owner(s) to the subsequent owner(s) of the property to which the Products were installed. In the event of transfer of this Warranty, the Warranty period extends fifty (50) years from the Products installation date. If at the time the Products are installed at the property, the property is owned by an organization (e.g., a corporation, unincorporated association, church, government, public entity or other legal entity) the Warranty period extends for fifty (50) years from the Products installation, with full coverage for cost of remedial repairs borne by the Company for the first twenty (20) years and thereafter, the Company's obligation shall be limited to sharing the cost with the original, non-individual owner based on the schedule attached to this Warranty.


Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations herein, the Company hereby warrants that during the applicable Warranty period mentioned in Section A above, the Products will:

Be Free from manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials that would adversely affect the performance of the Products;

Be resistant to blow-offs in wind velocities of up to 120 miles per hour;

Not be penetrated (specifically the substrate) by hail stones less than two and one-half inches in diameter such that the Products are no longer weatherproof; and

The appearance of the surface coating of the Products will not materially deteriorate beyond normal weathering and aging.


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For the comprehensive Tilcor Lifetime/50 Year Transferable Limited Warranty, please download the warranty terms here.

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