Date: 12 Feb 2019

In this blog, we showcase a re-roofing project for the Barker House in Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA; that used Tilcor CF Shingle to provide a superior quality roof, while keeping the low profile aesthetic.


Manitou Springs is unique little mountain town situated at the base of Pike’s Peak, just outside of Colorado Springs. The town is bursting with personality and has a timeless charm to it.

One building that is particularly special is the Barker House, located in historic downtown Manitou Springs. The building was constructed in 1882, and has been a town staple ever since. Divine Roofing, the local roofing company, had the opportunity to re-roof the dilapidated asphalt shingles that were previously installed, and they chose the Tilcor CF Shingle profile to do the job. The consensus is that the roof looks stunning, and fits perfectly with the building and the town culture.

We chatted with Manitou Springs resident, Susan Gustenson, the general manager of the Vault (which used to be the historic Bank of Manitou) regarding her feelings about the restored roof. The store is right across the street from the Barker Building, so Susan looks at the building every day she comes into work. She absolutely loves the new roof, and was very impressed with how quickly the roofers were able to remove the asphalt and install the new Tilcor roof.

She was especially impressed with how the turrets turned out. Mike Moore, owner of Divine Roofing, said that initially there was some concern from the city of Manitou Springs about the turrets – they didn’t want super high and bulky ridges. He said that the “low profile ridge capsules of the Tilcor CF Shingles sealed the deal for Divine”, and ultimately got them the job. Mike praised the craftsmen who climbed up 5 stories on the roof to install the turret panels, because it was a very difficult job since just about every cut, angle, and pitch that you can possibly have on a roof were on the turrets.

Chris Danielson, our Tilcor Sales Representative, said that Divine Roofing approached him because the building’s owner had some concerns about the hail damage on the asphalt shingles.

With insurance deductibles going up due to the increasing hail storms, the building owner was looking for a more permanent solution. Josh Moore, Vice President of Divine Roofing, said that the owner’s next deductible on a claim was more than $80,000 (due to the fragility of the building and the harsh elements of the CO winters). The owner wanted to go with a roof that she knew she wouldn’t have to replace within the next 20+ years. Josh said that going with Tilcor was a “no-brainer”, and that out of all the materials and products that they’ve used, Tilcor has “top-notch” customer service.

Every time that they’ve been out on a job and have had a question regarding the product or installation, Tilcor is always very quick to provide solutions. Mike also commented on how he really likes the “direct to deck” feature, especially with the CF Shingle profile. He said it’s “easy to install, versatile, clean, light, and the guys like working with it”. They’ve also really enjoyed learning the system.

The Barker House roof is thoroughly enjoyed by the people of Manitou Springs. Susan, who looks at the building everyday while she’s at work, loves what she sees. The old Barker House is something she deeply cherishes, and she said it was a joy to watch the process of bringing the building back to life. She loves the way the Tilcor roof looks on the building, and was excited to find out that there is another Tilcor restoration project in the works.

Check out more about the Barker House project below